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What guide cameras can be used with a 500/600 Series WSG model?
Last Updated: 03/06/2014
The Integrated Guider Port built into QSI 500/600 Series WSG models is designed to support any camera with 12.5mm of back focus or less that can be attached using C-mount, T-mount or 1.25" filter threads. Many cameras are designed with 12.5mm of back focus to be compatible with CS-mount lenses. CS-mount lenses use the same thread as C-mount (1" x 32tpi) but with 12.5mm of back focus instead of 17.5mm for C-mount.

Guide cameras with greater back focus can be used with the addition of the WSG Focus Adjustment Disk>> or WSG 5mm Spacer>>. The thin WSG 5mm Spacer is placed between the QSI 500/600 Series camera body and WSG cover extending the range of suitable guide cameras to include any guide camera with standard C-mount back focus of 17.5mm.

The guide camera does not need a built-in guider out port. MaxIm and CCDSoft can both be configured to send guider correction signals using the guider out port on QSI 500 Series camera.

The following guide cameras have been tested with QSI 500/600 Series WSG models

Guide Camera Model Adapter Comments
Starlight Express Lodestar C-mount Smallest, most sensitive guide camera
for use with the WSG
1.25" Filter
Small guide camera includes a mechanical shutter
for capturing unattended dark frames
Note: SBIG ST-i not supported by MaxIm LE
Fishcamp Starfish C-mount Requires T-mount to C-mount adapter
from Fishcamp Engineering
Orion Starshoot Autoguider(Opt 1)
T-mount May require WSG Focus Adjustment Disk>>
to achieve critical focus
Orion Starshoot Autoguider(Opt 2)
Low Profile
New Low Profile T-mount adapter allows the SSAG
to achieve focus without the Focus Adjustment Disk
Orion Starshoot Imager II T-mount
Meade DSI Pro I, II,III T-mount Requires low profile mounting adapter*
ATIK Titan, 16ic (and others
Low Profile
Reduced thread depth on the ATIK nosepiece
requires the Low Profile Adapter.
The Imaging Source cameras
C-mount Not supported by MaxIm DL
Cameras with 17.5mm of back focus
C/T-mount Requires WSG 5mm Spacer>>

* The low profile adapter for the Meade DSI Pro and Pro II can be ordered from ScopeStuff.
View details here>> (opens in a new window)

With the standard T-mount Guide Camera Adapter, back focus of the Orion SSAG requires that the WSG Guide Camera Focus Ring be moved very close to its most inward position. Some users have reported that they cannot achieve critical focus with the SSAG with their telescope/camera/filter combination. Guiding typically works fine even if the guide star is slightly out of focus. The WSG Focus Adjustment Disk>> can be inserted between the SSAG and the T-mount Guide Camera Adapter to achieve critical focus with almost any optical configuration. The new Low Profile T-mount Guide Camera Adapter can be used without the need for the Focus Adjustment Disk.

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