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How fast can an image be downloaded?
Last Updated: 08/22/2011

QSI 500 Series cameras are optimized to provide the lowest noise and highest possible Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for low light applications. One key aspect to meet that design criteria is a relatively slow read rate of approximately 500,000 pixels per second.

QSI 600 Series cameras offer dual read rates and High Speed USB 2.0, supporting much faster downloads. The cameras have a High Quality mode, similar to the 500 Series but about 50% faster (800,000 pixels per second), offering the lowest read noise and widest possible dynamic range, and a High Speed mode of 8 MHz for focusing, framing, and for applications that require higher frame rates. See below for 600 Series read times.

Download times with both 500 and 600 Series cameras will be reduced by binning or reading just a subframe (ROI) from the sensor.

QSI 500 Series Image Read Times
Camera ModelDownload Time (sec)
QSI 5041 sec.
QSI 5164 sec.
QSI 5328 sec.
QSI 5205 sec.
QSI 54011 sec.
QSI 58321 sec.

QSI 600 Series Image Read Times
Camera ModelHigh Quality Mode(sec)High Speed Mode (sec)
QSI 604<1 sec.0.1 sec.
QSI 6163 sec.0.3 sec.
QSI 6325 sec.0.5 sec.
QSI 6203 sec.0.3 sec.
QSI 6407 sec.<1 sec.
QSI 68313 sec.< 2 sec.

Download speed is not the only factor that affects how quickly you can capture an image with the quality (SNR) you require.  The read noise in QSI cameras displays a nearly perfect Gaussian distribution with no fixed pattern noise as revealed by FFT analysis done on every camera.  This allows you to achieve the highest possible Signal-to-Noise Ratio  in your individual sub-frames and final images.  See Understanding CCD Noise for a more complete discussion of the sources of noise in CCD images.

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