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What are the power requirements for QSI cameras?
Last Updated: 01/03/2017
All QSI cameras include an integrated switching power supply which allows them to run directly from a 12VDC power source. Every QSI 500/600 Series camera includes an approved AC adapter with an input voltage range of 90-240V, 50-60HZ that will plug into any standard wall socket.

500 and 600 series cameras have a nominal input requirement of 12V DC, 3A. The power is supplied by an external power adapter that converts (worldwide) line power to the 12V standard required for the camera.

The specifications for the power adapter are:

12V DC, regulated. 3A continuous, 5A peak current capability. AC input 100V to 240V 50-60Hz. CE/FCC/UL approved.

The adapter MUST have an isolated ground on the DC output. There can be no galvanic connection between the DC connector negative terminal and any AC side power or ground pin. The adapter should therefore be two blade on the AC side, not three blade.

The specification for the DC connector is 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel connector. Center pin Positive. For example the Kobiconn 171-PA5521-1GY-E available at www.mouser.com.

The 600 series camera acceptable regulated input voltage range is 11.5 Volts to 14.0 Volts DC. For optimal camera performance at the rated camera specifications, the input voltage must be 12.0V DC The camera can be also powered by any reasonably well regulated, clean 12VDC power source.

QSI 500/600 Series cameras use a standard 2.1mm DC power connector. If you wish to build your own power cable, you can use
the Kobiconn 171-PA5521-1GY-E available at www.mouser.com.

Plug specification:
  • Outside Diameter: 5.5mm
  • Inside Diameter: 2.1mm
  • Center Positive
  • Length: 10mm
Minimum recommended wire gauge for DC cable:
  • 6 foot - 18 gauge wire
  • 10 foot - 16 gauge wire
Note: QSI 500/600 Series cameras are designed to operate on stable, regulated 12V DC power and consumes less than 2 amps at full power with 100% cooling, fans running at full speed and the filter wheel moving. DC power input above or below 12V will decrease the maximum cooling capability of the camera by increasing power dissipation or lowering cooling efficiency. If the input voltage is below 11V or above 14V the camera will report an error until the voltage is returned to the specified range. See Status and Notification below.

Caution: Applying an input voltage over 16V or under 10V may permanently damage the camera and will void the camera warranty.
Caution: If using any power adapter other than the one supplied with the camera, it is critical that you understand the potential for ground loops and take effective measures to protect the camera.

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